So you want to run a school trip? Great.

There's just one small problem, isn't there? You've got that homework to mark. And meetings. That dentist appointment. Date night. Laundry. Not forgetting Friday night's parents' evening, or the promise you made to run the London marathon wearing nothing but a mankini and waving a "Save the Rhinos" banner.

The thing is, we understand!

Whilst we can't help sort out your time management, we CAN help you design, launch and deliver show-stopping educational adventures around the world. We can source great leaders, help with your risk assessments, book the accommodation, the flights, the first class seats for you and your colleagues whilst the students are back there in cattle-class...

Our quotes are, even if we say so ourselves, the bees-knees - containing all the necessary information for you and your school's senior management team to make an informed decision on the school tour or expedition we are putting forward.

In other words, we take the stress out of planning your next school trip, whilst at the same time making you look like a super hero.

All you have to do? Pick up the phone, call us 01392 660056 and then claim credit for arranging an incredible adventure.

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Virtually all of our trips end up being tailor-made to some degree or other, so it is difficult to publish exact prices for the adventures we offer. Prices also vary considerably depending on group size, the time of year of the trip, how many free teacher places are required, how far in advance the trip is booked and much else besides.

If you are interested in any of our adventures, or would like to talk about matching possible destinations to your budget, then do please give us a call. We'd be delighted to hear about your plans and see if we can help arrange a fantastic adventure for your and your students.

Teachers Travel Free!

We appreciate that you teachers lead pretty busy lives. And trust us, we know that running a school trip overseas can eat into what little spare time you may have.

Being the member of staff organising, promoting and travelling with a group overseas is a whole new job role in itself! We believe that you are bringing your students a once in a lifetime opportunity by travelling with us and that your hard work should be appreciated.

On every school trip with the STC teachers travel for free. And as every school or Local Authority has different requirements on teacher to student ratios we can allow for as many free places as required when preparing quotes and proposals.

1:8 or 1:10 are the usual free place ratios we work to, but if you require us to cost in more free places then just let us know and we can arrange it for you. 

How It Works

Give us a call on the bush telegraph hotline - 01392 660056.

Let's talk: You can tell us all about your plans, we'll ask a few questions, get to know you, find out what makes you tick, blah blah and then we all get a better idea as to whether we'll be suited to working together. If everything is feeling fine and dandy then once we know what you want, you can sit back and relax.

Relax: This is the bit where you have a glass of wine and a foot spa, or perhaps just get on with that big stack of marking and reports, while we work hard to find or design an educational travel programme that fits your requirements.

Relax: More relaxation on your part (whilst we weave our magic, putting together show-stopping itineraries, obtain quotes and make revisions). Only when we're satisfied do we put forward a comprehensive proposal for you to consider at your leisure. (more wine at this stage is optional, but depending on the week you've had may be recommended).

Time to get the show on the road: If you and senior management are happy with our proposals, we help you market and promote your trip. We can provide images, posters, trip summaries for students, parents' evenings... On the other hand, if you're not yet happy, we will make revisions until you are. After all, we want you to be happy! (Ask Adrian, he's In Charge of Happiness.)

Booking: This is where the deposits are received, services are confirmed and the build-up and preparation for your trip swings into action.

Trip Launches

Every trip we run is another group of students being offered the trip of a lifetime to learn how different life can be in each corner of the world. Not to mention, the trip will be more of a success for both you and your school if more pupils participate.  

When it comes to launching your trip overseas we have several different ways of helping you to promote it and get students signed up. Admittedly we won’t make a mad dash through the assembly hall dressed as a panda to promote your next trip to China but we can offer any or all of these different tools:

Summary Itineraries: We think it’s important that students don’t just know where they will be going but also have a good idea of what they will be doing. Who knows, the future biologists amongst them might be far more interested once they realise a trip to Costa Rica includes turtle conservation!

Parental Information Packs: Parents and carers are a vital part of the decision making process. For each of our trips we build information packs aimed towards parents and carers covering details on the itinerary, safety, the support we offer, the build up to the trip and other topics we have found they tend to question us about.

Destination Images: They say a picture tells a thousand words. We can provide you with plenty of destination images for you to use when promoting your trip. Who knows, when you return we might share your photos with other schools to use too!

Poster Design: Some of our team are pretty nifty in the design department (we like to think anyway!) and can provide you with bright posters to plaster the school walls about the trip.

PowerPoint Slides: No one likes to build a PowerPoint but we all have to admit that they are pretty handy. To save you the hassle we can make PowerPoint slides all about the trip for you to use in assemblies, information events. Hey, why not ditch the lesson plans one day and use our slides instead…

Assemblies: We can provide you with presentations and information to use when providing an assembly about the trip or come and do one for you if you’d really like.

Parents’ Launch Evenings: Being the knowledge experts that we are, we like to host a Parents’ Launch Evening for all of our trips. This gives us the opportunity to explain to parents just what their children will be getting from the trip as well as giving them a chance to ask any questions they may have (or interrogate us as it may well be). This is not designed to be a hard sell but an opportunity for all sides to fully understand what is on offer. 

And remember it doesn’t stop there, we are here to provide help and support at every step in your journey in order to provide an excellent experience for both you and your students.