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If your students met an Imam, a Hindu Sadhu or a Buddhist monk, what would they ask them? What could they learn from them? Find out on one of our religious studies trips for schools

We believe religious studies tours for schools should be all about experience. It can be hard, in secular UK, to fully understand how religion can shape whole cultures; indeed, whole countries. In places as diverse as India, Morocco, Japan, Thailand and Israel & Palestine, you can’t fail to be awestruck by the ubiquitous nature of religion and how it transcends people’s daily lives.

With this selection of RE trips for schools, our aim is to bring you within touching distance of the great religions. Not just to the places of religious importance and pilgrimage, but to the people, the traditions, the culture and joy.

Whether you teach Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and/or Christianity, these educational trips bring you the highlights of your destination and offer your students an unparalleled opportunity to understand world religions face to face.

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