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Not all classrooms have four walls. Our vision is to inspire young people to have the agency required to tackle the climate, biodiversity and humanitarian crises facing our planet.

STC Expeditions exists to change the perspectives of young people, stretch their personal and global horizons and to celebrate the cultures and biodiversity that exists across our planet.

Our values drive everything we do:

Better Business:

Business should make the world a better place. From paying a fair price for our trips to the cross-cultural understanding that comes from ethical tourism, we believe our staff, clients and the communities we work with around the world should all benefit from tourism. Every action has a consequence; it’s up to us to ensure the actions we take maximise our positive impacts and minimise the negative.

Celebrate Diversity:

Our lives are richer and our agency greater when we seek to embrace, celebrate and protect the cultures, environments and biodiversity that exists around the world.

Adventure for All:

The educational benefits of travel and adventure should be open to all, no matter their geographic, socioeconomic, religious or medical background.

Be Remarkable:

We don’t settle for mediocre. Whether it is delivering effectively simple safety management, eye-opening cultural experiences, or a huge, grin inducing, thrill-delivering white-water rafting session, we strive to be remarkable. Every one of our trips and expeditions should be an adventure we would love to undertake ourselves. If it doesn’t meet that threshold, we don’t think we should sell it.

Education Can Change the World:

Travel, adventure and increasing our understanding of our planet creates passionate young people who are broad in mind set and open to new ways of thinking.

Embrace Risk:

Risk is a part of life. We embrace it and manage it, enabling plans to happen, not to stop them. Our adventures should help young people to effectively manage risk later in life.