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Personal Development

Our tours and expeditions are the perfect platform for young people to stretch their horizons and develop an understanding of cultures and destinations beyond our everyday world. They are an opportunity for young people to build their self-confidence, develop resilience and understand more about the amazing world we live in. Some companies in our market like to use the phrase “a once in a lifetime trip” – we prefer to think that our trips will be the first of many incredible adventures that an individual might embark on throughout their life.

Whilst the itinerary is led by an STC overseas leader, each student can have an opportunity to take on the responsibility of student leader & assistant, finance officer, health & morale officer during an expedition. Below are just a few examples of how students can get involved in their expedition and the planning phase.


  • Researching destination & itinerary
  • Learning local language basics
  • Arranging visa & vaccinations
  • Collecting appropriate kit & equipment
  • Understanding travel safety & real versus perceived risk
  • Learning how to be a responsible traveler & leave a positive impact on the destination
  • Fundraising & goal setting

During the trip:

  • Taking on leadership roles & responsibilities
  • Cultural exchange with the overseas leader and gaining an insight into their traditions and lifestyle
  • Rising to challenges
  • Appreciating a women’s perspective in the destination
  • Assisting with a sustainable project
  • Effectively contributing to a team
  • Raising group morale & developing empathy for others within the group, especially in relation to how others respond to challenges and being outside of their comfort zone
  • Embracing no plastic!
  • Agreeing on appropriate tips for the local support team
  • Learning about Fairtrade and local non-profit organizations
  • Trying new traditional dishes and seeing how cook teams prepare & budget for a group in remote environments

Straight from the horses’ mouth:

These are quotes collected from a team who visited India on expedition in 2018:

''I want to start living with less plastic and I would like to start training to go hiking overseas in a few years. This trip has definitely made me more adventurous.''

''I was very nervous before the trip as I wasn't sure what to expect, however, I experienced things I'd never normally do and feel this style of travel has opened many doors for my travels in the future.''

''Nothing in my life has changed at the moment except I have a better understanding of the life outside England and Buddhism. I hope my lifestyle will change when I get home.''

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