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Money Matters

Our message to parents on funding school trips is simple: 'the less the better'.

We strive to ensure that our tours and expeditions offer value for money but we realise that they are often far from cheap. While this may be a deciding factor we do ask that you consider just how much your child can gain from travelling with us.

What’s more, in our experience students always get more from a trip when they have been required to fund some or all of the costs themselves.

A bit of bargaining never goes amiss when it comes to financing the trip and don’t be afraid of drawing the line somewhere, say you fund 60% and your son/daughter fund 40%. Encourage them and help them make a fundraising and savings plan and you might find the scales tip 80:20 in your favour! We have seen students completely self-fund expeditions to the tune of well over £3,000 so there are no excuses, we know it’s possible!

To any young person (or adult….) the prospect of saving £3,000 is a pretty daunting prospect but we have seen it achieved time and time again and the sense of pride and accomplishment those young people experience is second to none!

Encouraging your child to contribute to the funding of their trip will also allow them the opportunity to develop their money management skills and perhaps act as a useful feature on their CV if they choose to get themselves a Saturday job. Moreover, organising and promoting fundraising events are again excellent ways for your child to enhance their skill set and realise that they are capable of doing many amazing things.

And don’t forget, we have been doing this for over a decade and will do our best to provide help and expertise in the matter with handy fundraising tips and money saving guides to help your child raise the funds they need. For all expeditions booked with us we host a fundraising seminar for participants in order to help them raise those much needed funds. For any of our shorter trips please feel free to contact us for more advice. 

cash money sterling