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We are advocates of Fairtrade values and support this both internally and externally. What we mean by that is internally, as a business, we make Fairtrade purchasing choices. Our coffee, tea, chocolate and sugar in the office all bear the Fairtrade Mark. The t-shirts we provide all students who travel with us are printed on Fairtrade cotton. Externally, we work hard to raise awareness of Fairtrade across schools in the UK.

Interested in becoming a Fairtrade School? Organise a Fairtrade School Trip with us and we'll help you become a Fairtrade School.

Our Fairtrade School Trips in Ghana, India and Peru provide an opportunity for a group of students and teachers to go straight to the source and learn what Fairtrade really means. We think that visiting certified plantations and factories in the destination and meeting local workers and communities will help to breach the gap between producers and consumers. Hopefully this leads more students to return with a better understanding of poverty, human rights and empowerment and ultimately make more Fairtrade choices. We also...

  • We make Fairtrade purchasing choices
  • We are Members of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum
  • We are part of the Fairtrade Workplace of World Changers
  • We use Local Expedition Leaders
  • We organise Fairtrade School Trips
  • We promote Fairtrade organisations such as Koolskools
  • We advocate Fairtrade through Responsible Tourism training and Fairtrade Fortnight
  • We are active community members of our Fairtrade City - Exeter