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Fairtrade School Trips

Where better to learn about what Fairtrade really means, than at the source? Visit the plantations and meet the workers who fight for fair working conditions.

Our Fairtrade School Trips in Ghana, India and Peru provide an opportunity for a group of students and teachers to go straight to the source and learn what Fairtrade really means. We think that visiting certified plantations and factories in the destination and meeting local workers and communities, will help to breach the gap between producers and consumers. Hopefully this leads more students to return with a better understanding of poverty, human rights and empowerment and ultimately make more Fairtrade choices.

Interested in becoming a Fairtrade School? We'll help you get started on the award scheme before your Fairtrade School Trip. 

Interested in another destination? Get in touch.

Everything we do is bespoke so we could create a bespoke itinerary which features Fairtrade in other destinations such as Costa Rica, Kenya, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

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