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Biology Trips for Schools

Shhhh! Do you hear that? It’s your students thanking you with a hushed “awesome” for arranging a school biology trip that is simply top of the food chain.

School biology trips have evolved. From understanding the turtle breeding grounds of Costa Rica, to learning how to camera trap wild tigers in India, our biology adventures for schools can complement your classroom teaching by opening eyes, stretching horizons and getting your students closer to the action than David Attenborough on a busman’s holiday.

New for 2021 is our UK adventure programme The Bioasis - offering biology departments the opportunity for field work, biodiversity studies, data collection, conservation volunteer work and wildlife monitoring. Bioasis basecamp is off-grid with access to 1200 acres of salt marshes, woodland and estuary that is a wildlife haven, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a SSSI.

And with expert guides and unique experiences, we’re talking exceptional educational adventures.
It’s natural selection see? 

Get in touch via the bush telegraph (that’s the contact page if you’re not yet speaking our lingo) to start creating your dream biology trip.

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