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From the cigar rolling factories of Cuba, to tourism business in Morocco, our range of business and economics school trips take your students behind the scenes of some of the most exciting developing economies.

We believe school economics trips should offer more than a walk around the CBD or a look at some high-rise financial buildings. With this range of business and economics trips for schools, our aim is to peel back the layers of complexity and introduce your students to the everyday workings of businesses in the developing world, how they function, what affects their future in a global economy and how culture and tourism is intrinsically linked to success and failure. 

Cuba is firm favourite and an itinerary typical of what we can put together - meetings and discussions with tourism managers, economics professors, export companies and micro-credit lending groups, not forgetting time to absorb your destination's fantastic culture and highlights, to see in close up the journey of tobacco from the fields to the selling floors.

In Morocco, our guys on the ground have arranged an in-depth look at the workings of a tourism business, as well as more traditional trades such as leather and Argan oil. Depending on the time of year, we can also arrange a visit to the local business school in Marrakech. 

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