School Expeditions

Welcome to the home of the modern, innovative school expedition, where a sustainable, ethical approach guarantees your students a life enhancing adventure…

As a proudly independent and well connected school expedition provider, we help teachers arrange expeditions worthy of the 21st century.

Our expedition portfolio, including our signature 'Old School Expeditions', have been developed in conjunction with some of the leading adventure and expeditions companies around the world. At the heart of our expedition programme is a fresh, responsible approach. These school expeditions go way beyond just self-development, taking students on unique experiences where the journey itself becomes the adventure.

Responsible tourism is always our starting point, and not just for ethical reasons. Travelling with humility, respect for your destination and a commitment to make a deep routed contribution to the local community and economy, means your students reap the benefits, learning so much more about themselves and their world.

We include project work where it is responsible to do so, omitting it when ethical collaboration cannot be secured.