Educational Tours

Our school trips and educational tours are all about maximising the learning opportunities of travel. We've scoured the globe to find the best educational experiences - from learning about Lion-Maasai conflict in Kenya on a biology trip, to the economics of the cigar industry in Cuba, or even religious-political conflict resolution in the Middle East. It's all here. The humble school tour has just come of age.

These overseas school trips provide a multi-faceted educational experience. Whilst each trip has a subject-related focus, we believe it is important not to miss an opportunity. In every trip, we weave in elements of your destination’s geography, history, politics, religion, society, economy and environment. 

The result is an educational experience of unrivalled impact and an adventure that expands global horizons. 

Discover the religious history of the Holy Land, learn camera trapping conservation techniques in India's tiger reserves or trek to hot jungle springs in Ecuador. Our new breed of school trip - what we like to call 'Educational Journeys' will enlighten, amaze and actively compliment your classroom teaching.