Covid Insurance and FAQs

COVID Insurance cover, and other FAQs relating to DfE school trip advice, traffic lights and more

Here at STC Expeditions we've always covered our clients for medical emergency and repatriation insurance. That remains the same - including cover in the event you were to contract COVID overseas.

As of September 2021, we are also now including COVID cancellation insurance in the price of your trip. Underwritten by one of the UK's leading adventure travel insurers, this up-to-date and comprehensive cover means that should an individual have to cancel for a COVID related reason then they are covered.

This insurance, combined with various other recent changes to the school bubble system, DfE trip advice and traffic lights, means schools are now well placed to start booking trips again.

If the FAQ'S below don't answer your questions please don't hesitate to give us a call and will more than happy to discuss this cover with you.

1. Am I covered if I decide to travel against FCDO advice?
No. This policy does not cover you to travel anywhere that is contrary to FCDO advice. However, as your tour operator, STC Expeditions would not be able to operate your trip against FDCO advice, so would we would work with you to find either a suitable alternative option within the Package Travel Regulations and our Booking Conditions, or arrange for a refund.

2. Does my policy cover me if I and diagnosed with Coronavirus whilst travelling overseas?
Yes. All necessary medical emergency and associated expenses will be covered.

3. Am I covered if the FCDO advice changes before I travel?
If you purchased insurance prior to the change of FCO advice and you have not yet departed, then your policy will no longer provide any cover whatsoever (as you would be travelling against FCDO Advice). You may either defer the period of cover under your policy or apply for a full refund of premium. As mentioned above, STC Expeditions would not be able to run your trip against FCDO Advice and so would work with you to find a suitable alternative or refund.

4. Am I covered if the FCDO advice changes after I travel?
Yes. If you purchased your policy prior to the change of FCDO advice and have already departed, then full policy cover will continue to apply provided that you follow all UK, local Government or equivalent advice. You would also have our full support as your tour operator to ensure your group are kept safe and able to leave the country as soon as possible.

5. Am I covered for cancellation if I am diagnosed with Coronavirus before I travel?
Yes. If you are diagnosed with Coronavirus and cannot travel, cancellation cover would apply so long as your GP confirms the diagnosis and the fact that you are not able to travel.

6. Am I covered if denied boarding by my airline due to temperature check?
Yes. The policy provides cover for cancellation so long as you have obtained written confirmation from your airline that they have denied you from boarding their aircraft as a direct result of you displaying symptoms of a contagious disease.

7. Are the cost of my Visas covered if I have to cancel due being diagnosed with Coronavirus and therefore unable to travel?
Yes. In the event of a valid cancellation claim, the cancellation section will reimburse irrecoverable costs incurred including Visas which only cover the period of your cancelled trip.

8. Am I covered for cancellation should the UK be locked down again?
No. In the event that there is a national or local ‘Lockdown’ in the UK, preventing you from getting to the airport, there would be no cover under the insurance in respect of Cancellation claims.

9. Am I covered if the country I am travelling in goes into lockdown before/after departure?
No, there would be no cover for any costs (accommodation / travel) incurred in the event of the country you are travelling in being locked down. However, under the Package Travel Regulations STC Expeditions, as your tour operator, would be obliged to assist and if, prior to departure was prevented from delivering the promised itinerary, would have to find a suitable alternative or refund in full.

10. What if I am travelling overseas and am instructed to quarantine or self-isolate?
You would be covered for any additional accommodation or travel expenses provided you can produce medical evidence that you have either been diagnosed with Coronavirus or directly exposed to Coronavirus.

11. Am I covered if I arrive at my destination and am refused entry due to a high temperature and forced into isolation for 14 days?
Yes. There is quarantine cover under the Medical Expenses section of the policy for any necessary medical expenses as well as any additional travel or accommodation costs.

12. A close relative has contracted Coronavirus, so I am unable to travel. Am I covered for cancellation or curtailment?
Yes. The policy will provide cover in the event a Close Relative is diagnosed as having Coronavirus and is seriously ill, which on medical grounds will require your presence. This will need to be certified by their GP.