So you want to run a school trip? Great.

There's just one small problem, isn't there? You've got that homework to mark. And meetings. That dentist appointment. Date night. Laundry. Not forgetting Friday night's parents' evening, or the promise you made to run the London marathon wearing nothing but a mankini and waving a "Save the Rhinos" banner.

The thing is, we understand!

Whilst we can't help sort out your time management, we CAN help you design, launch and deliver show-stopping educational adventures around the world. We can source great leaders, help with your risk assessments, book the accommodation, the flights, the first class seats for you and your colleagues whilst the students are back there in cattle-class...

Our quotes are, even if we say so ourselves, the bees-knees - containing all the necessary information for you and your school's senior management team to make an informed decision on the school tour or expedition we are putting forward.

In other words, we take the stress out of planning your next school trip, whilst at the same time making you look like a super hero.

All you have to do? Pick up the phone, call us 01392 660056 and then claim credit for arranging an incredible adventure.