GAP Year Planning and Safety

We've been there, made mistakes, learned lessons and have a wealth of experience to pass on, enabling your students to remember their adventure for all the right reasons.

You arrived in Thailand 3 days ago at the start of your GAP year. On your first overnight train you wake up to find your bags have been stolen. Do you…

a) Panic! Return to the airport and get the next flight home.

b) Phone home, request a re-supply, then beg for food and accommodation until the parcel arrives.

c) Stop. Think. Relax. Your hidden emergency fund and crisis information are safe. You only have the shorts and t-shirt you are wearing so decide to head to the beach until your insurers sort your claim. Happy days.

This practical, hands-on course is delivered to students by travel safety professionals who have travelled and trekked across the globe. We can run this course in a variety of formats, from a two hour ‘planning session’ to a more detailed one day course covering planning, kit, personal safety and more.

  • 2 hours to 1 day training course
  • Focused on maximising travel opportunities 
  • Outlines key safety considerations & how to travel 'savvy'
  • Bespoke and flexible to suit your school
  • For Yr 11-Yr 13 students

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