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How Much Work Goes Into Planning School Expeditions

If you're looking to plan a school expedition for your students, but unsure how much planning is involved, then this post is for you. Here we unpack each detail and outline the support you get from us along the way.

Coordinating school expeditions often can feel like scaling a mountain without a map. Even the most dedicated and experienced teachers can find themselves overwhelmed by the complexities involved – the endless paperwork, the intricate web of risk management, and the crucial task of winning SLT and parental support. Amidst the daily demands of crafting engaging lesson plans, meticulous marking, and taking the time to understand each unique pupil, planning an expedition can understandably slip down any educator’s priority list.

Yet, the impact of school expeditions on young minds is immeasurable. These experiences are more than just trips; they are transformative journeys shaping the future. Doubtful? Take a glance at the glowing feedback from our past expeditions. CLICK HERE!

Recognising these challenges and opportunities, we've made it our mission to streamline the expedition planning process, taking the weight off teachers’ shoulders, and ensuring each trip is straight-forward and enriches the learning experience.

So, how much work really does go into organising a school expedition?

Sadly, planning a school expedition isn’t as easy as clicking through Skyscanner to secure a flight. It is a complex operation, demanding detailed attention to a number of logistical elements, each essential for the trip's success and the safety of the students.

Choosing a Destination

Picking the right destination itself demands thoughtful consideration! As expeditions frequently have long lead-in times, often spanning 18 months or more, a location deemed suitable today may undergo significant changes prior to the departure date. The unpredictability of natural disasters or turbulent political situations can lead to an overnight shift in FCDO advice, potentially turning your meticulously planned trip upside down. No matter how much you plan and prepare for all eventualities, this does happen! As a result, adaptability and continuous monitoring of geopolitical developments become extremely important in navigating the landscape of expedition planning.

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In-Country Preparations

Once a destination has been decided upon, the real challenge begins – in-country planning!


Arranging safe and reliable transportation for school expeditions is far from a casual tick-box exercise. It's about ensuring every vehicle, whether it's a bus with the right number of seatbelts or a boat equipped with enough life jackets, meets the highest safety standards. Vetting each mode of transport requires a thorough examination, completed well in advance. This isn't just about crossing T's and dotting I's; it is about being a step ahead, identifying potential gaps, and having the time to find better options if the first choice doesn’t make the grade. Achieving this level of preparedness means having effective communication with local teams and dedicating time to in-depth research.

Accommodation Logistics

Organising accommodation for large groups can be a real challenge. Once you have established whether a hotel, hostel, or campsite can even accommodate a school group, it is essential to investigate whether each location is clean, safe, and comfortable, which can be a laborious process... Choosing accommodation requires intense scrutiny of various options, negotiating rates to fit the budget, and confirming bookings in advance. Oh, and don’t forget location! Where the accommodation is situated must be a consideration, making sure it's conveniently close to planned activities and, importantly, within easy reach of emergency services. This thorough and careful planning is crucial to ensure a smooth and safe experience for the students.

Navigating Local Challenges

Navigating the nuances of local customs, culture, and language is a vital aspect of preparing for a school expedition. This involves thorough research and engaging with local experts to gain a deeper understanding of the destination's social and cultural landscape. Such proactive efforts are key in foreseeing and addressing any potential challenges that might arise during the trip. Careful preparation ensures a more genuine and seamless experience for everyone involved – as they say, fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Safeguarding and Health Considerations

Prioritising the safety of students stands is a fundamentally important part of planning school expeditions. This involves not only managing allergies and dietary requirements but also developing robust strategies for handling any potential medical emergencies. Comprehensive measures such as evacuation plans, awareness of hospital distances at every stage of the journey, and the formulation of contingency plans for unforeseen events are all integral components to expedition planning.

Compliance and Protection

Ensuring the trip is ATOL protected and compliant with standards like British Standards 8848 isn't just bureaucratic red tape; it's essential for the safety and security of the students and teachers. This technical jargon can be intimidating, but don't worry—we have a blog post coming up soon to explain all of this. So, watch this space! These protections require an understanding of travel industry regulations, which can be daunting.

Our Role

When it comes to school expedition planning, we like to think of ourselves as experts. We have been in the business for 18 years or so, and our team has decades of experience planning school expeditions. Our primary role is to make the complex task of planning school trips smoother, more enjoyable, and as stress-free as possible for teachers. Our all-encompassing approach takes care of everything — from choosing the right destinations to sorting out all the travel details and places to stay. We're on top of all the paperwork and risk management too, making sure everything is checked and double-checked for safety and efficiency.

How we support you

From your initial inquiry, through the entirety of your journey, until the moment you return home and beyond, we ensure that you are supported every step of the way.

Throughout the sales process, our team is just a phone call away. Chris, Adrian, or Harry are at your disposal, ready to offer exceptional support. Whether it's answering any questions, crafting bespoke itineraries tailored to your trip's objectives, or putting your mind at ease over any concerns, they're there to help. They're also experts at guiding you through the process of gaining senior leadership team approval.

Once your trip is green-lighted by the decision-makers, we shift our focus to gaining parental backing, a crucial element for a successful expedition. We conduct detailed briefing sessions for parents, laying out the itinerary, discussing safety protocols, and fielding any questions they might have. These sessions play a key role in building trust and confidence, ensuring parents feel as connected to the journey as their children.

Preparation doesn't stop there. Our operations team, including Megan, Pam, or Holly, ensure that everything is in place and ticking along nicely. They handle the nitty-gritty details like passport information, dietary requirements, and conduct thorough medical checks on all participants, aided by our Independent Medical Advisor, James Moore. His vast experience is invaluable in this process. The team also diligently prepares evacuation plans and risk assessments, ensuring every aspect of safety is thoroughly covered.

Further down the line, we engage students in preparatory sessions to equip them for the adventure ahead. Depending on the need, we might also arrange team-building activities to make sure that the group gels well. Additionally, we offer specialised sessions for educators, such as off-site safety management and practical mental health first aid courses, to ensure they're fully prepared for every aspect of the trip.

Enriching Educational Expeditions

Our dedication to educational expeditions goes far beyond managing logistics. We meticulously craft itineraries that intertwine educational goals with the adventure of travel. Our team not only recommends engaging activities but also personally explores each new destination before suggesting it to students and teachers. This hands-on approach ensures we offer activities that are both exciting and intellectually stimulating. Our expeditions are tailored to enrich classroom learning, offering students a dynamic and comprehensive understanding of the world. Through these thoughtfully designed experiences, we strive to make every trip a journey of discovery that resonates with students on an intellectual and emotional level.

Local Expertise: A Unique Edge

Saving the best until last…

One of our best unique selling points lies in our approach to expedition leadership. We believe the best way to truly know a place is through its locals. That's why we rely on local experts to guide our journeys. These individuals, deeply rooted in the destination's culture and knowledge, add genuine insight to every trip. With their guidance, expeditions go beyond mere sightseeing; they become immersive learning adventures. Students are able to engage with the destination in a way that deepens their understanding, moving past the surface level of typical tourism experiences.

At the heart of what we do is a simple yet powerful goal: to create life-changing trips for students and making expedition planning as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for our dedicated teachers.

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