Empowering Expeditions: ‘A Woman’s Perspective’ Trips

Discover the magic behind 'A Woman's Perspective' trips. Continue reading to discover what sets them apart from other adventures!

When browsing through our diverse range of itineraries, you may have spotted a unique badge next to a few – ‘A Woman’s Perspective.’ Curious about what this label means? This blog is your key to understanding what these trips are all about, what sets them apart and why you should consider integrating these exceptional experiences into your next adventure. Ready to uncover the magic behind these special journeys?

So, what are ‘A Woman’s Perspective’ trips?

‘A Woman’s Perspective’ trips are not your typical travel experiences; they are immersive journeys, specifically designed to provide a window into the lives of women in your chosen destination. These engaging itineraries go beyond the ordinary, offering a deeper understanding of local cultures, traditions, whilst highlighting the incredible strength that women bring to their communities. Our goal is to deliver trips that specifically celebrate and recognise women’s stories, strength and resilience.

Picture yourself spending time with local weavers in the Urubamba Valley and engaging with women impacted by historical events like the forced sterilisation programme in Peru, or cooking and learning from young nuns in Nyerma Gompa, India. Imagine diving into project work in the Bougmez Valley of Morocco, shadowing mothers and children during their daily activities, and visiting the vibrant markets. Envision paying a visit to the 'Global Mama's' Fairtrade organisation in Ghana to learn how local women have become economically independent. Each itinerary is carefully crafted to nurture cultural exchange, deep immersion, and meaningful connections, creating a travel experience that goes beyond the boundaries of a traditional tour.

'A Woman's Perspective' Trip to Ghana

Who are 'A Woman's Perspective' trips for?

A Woman’s Perspective’ trips are for EVERYONE – and yes, we mean EVERYONE!!

Although we have historically had more success marketing these types of trips to Girls Schools, these journeys are, in many ways, particularly beneficial for young men, offering them with crucial insights into the lives of women globally.

Sadly, recent studies, such as one by the University of Gothenburg, reveal that younger European men are more likely than older men to express concerns about gender equality progress, fearing it might threaten opportunities for men and boys.[i] Additionally, more than one in four men between 18 and 29 who have heard the opinions of a certain misogynistic influencer (we are sure you know who we are talking about) agreed with his opinions on women…[ii]

However, at STC Expeditions, we are keen to help buck this trend and aim to encourage a more progressive way of thinking. We believe that these types of trips challenge gender stereotypes and are beneficial to all adventurous souls. Regardless of gender, choose to embark on a journey that transcends traditional boundaries, encourages connections, and celebrates the diverse stories and perspectives of women around the world.

Why are these trips important?

It is imperative to acknowledge and address the persistent discrimination and challenges faced by women worldwide. Despite advancements in various sectors, stark disparities persist, emphasising the necessity for initiatives like ‘A Woman’s Perspective’ trips.

Statistics illustrate the inequalities that women confront daily on an international scale. Over 2.7 billion women globally lack equal work opportunities compared to men, portraying a significant economic gender gap. Furthermore, the underrepresentation of women as landholders, with fewer than 15% holding such positions globally, points to inherent systemic barriers that desperately need dismantling.[iii]

The global pay gap, which was estimated at 22% in 2018, highlights the economic disparities between men and women. Moreover, one in three women worldwide experience violence, and alarming figures of 200 million women and girls subjected to female genital mutilation. Additionally, human trafficking disproportionately affects women and girls, constituting 71% of all cases. [iv]

Whilst these realities paint a bleak picture, running trips from women's perspectives can be a powerful tool for education and empowerment.

Through facilitating student interactions with women in the destinations they visit, these initiatives amplify women’s voices, promote tolerance and encourage the next generation to become advocates for gender equality. In doing so, we contribute to a brighter future where equality is not just an ideal but a lived reality for women across the globe.


Don’t just take our word for it… instead, hear from two teachers who have run ‘A Woman’s Perspective’ trips!

Absolutely loved visiting the plantations and the Kente village, it allowed us to see a community and talk to the locals. The trip opened our pupils’ eyes to the inequality that exists and the importance of responsible tourism. Thank you for a great trip!’

A very good trip which will provide lasting and wonderful memories in the girls.’

‘A Woman’s Perspective' trips are redefining travel by breaking down barriers. By celebrating women's strength and resilience, we aim to shape a more equal future. Join us for a journey beyond the ordinary – where each adventure leaves a lasting impact on both travellers and the communities we engage with. Your transformative journey awaits!

If you would like to discuss ‘A Woman’s Perspective trips, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Written by: STC Expeditions

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