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Grow a beard, get some flares and have a 'reet' proper adventure

Remember the days of skinny, bearded blokes travelling to far flung places looking for adventures? Beards are back and with retro always in fashion, isn't it about time expeditions caught up?

Everything was better back in the day…wasn’t it?

No Ipads. Or smartphones. You had to use a phone box to call the girl you fancied! We were all out and about in the woods, making fires and ignoring health and safety…  Well, there was still TV and I admit to watching a fair bit of it.

In our house, Sunday evening was defined by my mum and dad insisting we sat down and watch a program called ‘The World About Us’. I’m showing my age here, but do you remember it? This was the programme I thank for getting me really excited about expeditions and adventures.  If you haven’t seen it, or don’t remember it, it could, very roughly, be summed up as ‘plenty of beards and skinny folk going to unexplored places to, guess what…..explore!’

Why? Well, why not? 

I loved it!  This wasn’t a package trip, it was not off-the-bus-on-the-bus, it was a real adventure.  What happened to those trips?  If you are not sure what I mean check out this YouTube link with a young David Attenborough.  I was 11 when this was on TV. Do make sure you watch both parts! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgjwhUnfCXs

Granted, school expeditions were less common then too, but here at The STC we love the idea of going back to those trips.

So… we have recently been hard at work squirrelling away and dreaming up some really exciting old school ‘Journey Expeditions’. Don’t worry, you won’t have to grow a beard and wear flares, but you will have to be willing to open your mind and ask yourself if you are a little tired of the same old school expedition four phase ‘formula’ of the acclimatisation phase, the trekking phase, the project phase and the R&R phase. We thought it was time for a shake-up.  

If you are not quite sure what we mean then take a little ‘looksee’ at the Andes to Amazon school expedition to Peru or our uber cool human powered school expedition to Tanzania, The Kili Maasai Meru Mashup.  We’ve got other such adventures too in Morocco, Kenya and Borneo.  We have more in the pipeline too. 

Extra-ordinary journeys through amazing countries? You bet.

Adventure for adventure’s sake? Absolutely.

If you want, you can go the full hog and pack some flares too…