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The Importance of travelling for girls

Girls' school trips, gender equality, inspiration, travel and Kim Kardashian?

With International Woman’s Day just passed earlier this month celebrating the achievements of women all over the world and promoting gender equality, we’ve been thinking about the importance of travel for girls as they traverse the sometimes uneasy path of becoming a woman.

Although gender equality is slowing increasing, the pressures of the media on girls can be difficult to avoid. Girls and young women today are bombarded with contradictory images of how they should look and behave, whilst being set unattainable goals by a society which seems to prize airbrushed images over natural beauty, ambition and brains. It can be difficult for girls to navigate the minefield of social pressures whilst trying to stay true to themselves and emerge into adulthood as a well-rounded, driven and healthy woman.

In a world where Kim Kardashian is a ‘role model’, it is more important than ever that we expand the minds of our girls at this crucial development age and teach them that a woman’s value is not about aesthetics. By broadening their minds through travel they will grow in confidence and be exposed to inspirational women from different cultures and walks of life.

The STC are committed to promoting gender equality and will push female students as much as boys to broaden their minds through new experiences and travel. We run trips and adventures for girls’ schools which put women at the forefront and have introduced students to inspirational women such as Chinese female entrepreneurs, Berber women of the Atlas Mountains and women from the Global Mamas Cooperative in Ghana.

Profiling strong women and their vital roles in different cultures provides an invaluable insight for female students and through learning about the lives and challenges other women face we hope to empower and inspire your girls that they can be the leaders of tomorrow.  

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