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Ground breaking school trips to Iran

With the recent cold snap and seemingly endless rain, thoughts invariably turn to warmer climates and the prospect of seeking out the next adventure. But where do you start?

We live in an ever changing world. 24-hour news pumps out a seemingly never ending stream of violence, conflict and natural disasters. We could be forgiven for thinking there is nowhere on earth left that is safe to travel to. But we’d be wrong. 

School trips to Iran?

A surprising destination that has surged in popularity recently is Iran. Many people’s initial concern when considering a school trip to Iran is typically “is it safe?” After many years of being off the tourist map, people are now returning to uncover its ancient history, stunning scenery of snow-capped mountains and vast deserts, and to enjoy its legendary hospitality. You might be surprised to hear that Iran has been extraordinarily stable over the past ten years and with the recent nuclear agreement and the lifting of sanctions by the international community now is a great time to visit this amazing country.

A visit to Iran is very much a voyage of contrasts; women clad in black mix with youngsters wearing the latest western fashions. On our 12-day comprehensive tour we will uncover the treasures of Persia, providing a fascinating insight for students learning about religion, politics and history and get the chance to meet many Iranians along the way.

Journey through Islamic centres at Yazd, Shiraz and Isfahan as well as the visiting the legendary ruins at Persepolis. Students will experience the legacy of the Persian Empire at first hand with the most fascinating history school trip they’ll ever encounter. A school trip to Iran isn’t limited to historic and cultural exploration. Spend time in Iran's atmospheric capital city of Tehran with its rich bazaars, visit a traditional tea house and stay in a mountain village, the tradition of hospitality never fail to impress. Apart from hiking the county’s highest mountain, students can go desert biking, horse riding or trekking though the ominously named, Valley of Assassins. Needless to say, there’s a lot to quench a youthful thirst for adventure.

The STC has always led the way in pushing boundaries by offering trips that offer students the chance to step outside their comfort zones and dare to learn from the extraordinary people and places that grace this amazing planet. Arranging school trips to Iran exemplifies these attributes and we’re delighted to be leading the way once again by being the first UK Schools specialist to offer Iran as part of our educational tour programme.