How It Works

Give us a call on the bush telegraph hotline - 01392 660056.

Let's talk: You can tell us all about your plans, we'll ask a few questions, get to know you, find out what makes you tick, blah blah and then we all get a better idea as to whether we'll be suited to working together. If everything is feeling fine and dandy then once we know what you want, you can sit back and relax.

Relax: This is the bit where you have a glass of wine and a foot spa, or perhaps just get on with that big stack of marking and reports, while we work hard to find or design an educational travel programme that fits your requirements.

Relax: More relaxation on your part (whilst we weave our magic, putting together show-stopping itineraries, obtain quotes and make revisions). Only when we're satisfied do we put forward a comprehensive proposal for you to consider at your leisure. (more wine at this stage is optional, but depending on the week you've had may be recommended).

Time to get the show on the road: If you and senior management are happy with our proposals, we help you market and promote your trip. We can provide images, posters, trip summaries for students, parents' evenings... On the other hand, if you're not yet happy, we will make revisions until you are. After all, we want you to be happy! (Ask Adrian, he's In Charge of Happiness.)

Booking: This is where the deposits are received, services are confirmed and the build-up and preparation for your trip swings into action.