Have you seen the Wannabe parody highlighting what women and girls really, really want?

Twenty years ago the Spice Girls hit Wannabe came blasting into our lives. This year, Global Goals have released a parody remake (you can watch it here) and coined the hashtag #WhatIReallyReallyWant to highlight the need for greater awareness of a number of key women’s issues.

The video highlights problems, from the gender pay gap to sexual harassment, but often women are disproportionately affected by other challenges such as climate change and poverty too. 2016 has been lauded as the year to tell world leaders what women and girls really, really want.

Not only has the tune brightened up our day in the office but we couldn’t agree more. All too often the work of women the world over goes unnoticed (and we don’t just mean Mum ironing your pants to warm you up on a chilly day!) whilst their basic needs remain unfulfilled.

In fact, it’s part of the reason we designed our Girls’ School Adventures, a programme aimed specifically at all female groups. These unique trips allow students to really connect with local women overseas. Not only will they have the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the culture of their destination, but it is also an opportunity to demonstrate just how much women contribute to the world.

Where possible, these adventures will be led by a local female Trip Leader who, over the duration of the trip, will be able to impart an unrivalled sense of perspective on what life is like as a woman in that country. Meanwhile, the group will meet with local women on the ground to discover their way of life, as well as visiting female empowerment groups to discover what is being done to ensure women’s voices are being heard.

Some examples of the experiences in our girls programme  include:

  • The incredible Sindyanna Women’s NGO, a not-for-profit, female-led, fair trade, ‘business for peace’ in Israel. This group sells Arab producers’ olive oil, honey, almonds and soaps on the international market place and channels all profits back into education for women, bridging cultural divides, and encouraging and supporting sustainable agriculture and organic farming. It is run by both Arab and Israeli women who share a vision of peaceful co-existence in Israel and Palestine.
  • A visit to the women of the indigenous Bribri community in Costa Rica. In this matrilineal society women hold several important roles including being the only people allowed to make chocolate, a key part in many of their ancient traditions and rituals.
  • Living with the women of the Bougmez Valley, Morocco to become a part of everyday life and learn the handicraft skills which these communities depend upon. What’s more, a trip here could include project work decided upon by the local Village Association.

We are also excited to be working alongside Days for Girls to promote the issue of female sanitation in developing countries. With most destinations it will be possible to tie in some sort of work to help this worthy cause if groups are interested.

Here at the STC, what we want, what we really, really want is for girls and women around the world to connect and begin to understand just how important they are in our global society.

For more information on any of our Girls’ School Adventures please get in touch.