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Excited About Israel!

We listen to Adrian's stories of Israel and learn it ties directly to the curriculum!

Have you heard about our school trips to Israel and Palestine? It’s not a joke - we think they are pretty special and are something that we are really quite proud of here at STC towers.  

Our Director, Adrian, has just returned from training our guides in country and developing new itineraries. Some of the itineraries have been a hot topic of conversation over a cuppa. 

One particular topic of discussion concerned the small Palestinian town of Battir which is perched right on the 1967 Green Line border of Israel and Palestine. So close in fact, that Israel had planned to build their security barrier right through the centre of the village’s 2000-year-old terraces. Terraces which Palestinian villagers still use today for crop and olive farming.  However, the wall building plan had to be stopped when the terraces where declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2014.  

So it was a pleasant surprise to discover that the AQA Humanities syllabus ties in really rather neatly with this village and the issues of conflict resolution between opposing groups. Not that it is limited to just this course - Israel and Palestine have a host of amazing educational opportunities that slot perfectly into History, Religious Studies and Geography courses too. 

You only have to take a look at our Hummus and Humanity itinerary to see how a school trip to Israel and Palestine could provide bountiful cross-curricular opportunities (maybe it’s time for some, err… conflict resolution in the staff room too…?). Featuring visits to an NGO which aims to bring Arab and Israeli women into partnership; the melting pot of religions in Jerusalem and even a visit to a traditional cooking class, this is a hands-down excellent educational experience! 

After some political unrest in recent years, Adrian is happy to report that he couldn't have felt safer – or have been hosted by more welcoming people. So what are you waiting for, tourist numbers are already rising, jump in to be some of the first there! 

For more information on any of our trips or if you’d like to design your own please do not hesitate to get in touch.