The Great Himalayan Trail

Take an exclusive trekking holiday on the GREAT HIMALAYA TRAIL with one of the world's leading adventure travel companies.

The Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) is the longest and highest alpine walking track in the world winding 4500kms through the tallest mountain ranges and most isolated communities from Tibet to Pakistan. The Nepal section of the GHT offers a kaleidoscope of experiences and one of the operators we work with is offering the first-ever range of commercial treks along the route, commencing in February 2011. 

The trail, which can be undertaken in one continuous trek of 151 days, (and a snip at £20,490 per person) will traverse the country from east to west. Acknowledging that most of us simply don't have the luxury of this sort of time for our adventures, seven treks have been crafted that interlink to make up the full traverse. Each trek is between 18 and 34 days and led by a renowned leader such as Greg Mortimer, Stephen Venables and Carlos Buhler. The beauty of each is that they all offer something completely different, but importantly, by joining one of the GHT treks (or the whole thing if you so desire) you will be helping us achieve a vision of sharing the benefit of tourism dollars with isolated communities that currently receive little to no income from this source.

To ensure Responsible Tourism the trek company will employ porters and support staff from these various regions, purchase our food goods from these villages and of course, travellers will delight in the opportunity to purchase traditional handicrafts from these communities. This is sustainable tourism in practice as it addresses wealthy disparity and helps to reduce poverty.

This is an opportunity to experience some of the least visited, most exciting hidden corners of Nepal where you will be struck with awe and wonder at the scale and grandeur of the land. Be part of history in the making. Contact us for detailed trip notes, prices, departure dates and more information.