Cheap China but at what cost?

We recently saw a company advertising a school trip to China for £699 per person including flights, visas, transport, guides, food and a whole lot else besides. Wow I hear you say. Yes, 'wow' indeed! Delving a little deeper we couldn't help but notice it was for a 5 day / 3 night trip. You depart on the evening of day 1, arriving on the afternoon of day 2. There are then two full days to see Beijing and visit the Great Wall (days 3 and 4), followed by a flight home early on day 5. Frankly, we'd rather eat our chopsticks than travel to China for 60 hours (24 of which would be taken up with sleep) and we certainly wouldn't recommend it to schools. Our point is that, while value for money is an obvious necessity these days, that doesn't always mean the cheapest trip. It's about matching a destination to your budget. If you only have a budget of £700 per student, that's no problem, but please, please, please pick an appropriate destination... p.s. Moroccowould be a good place to start!