Pedal Power

The benefits of travel on two wheels

Like walking and trekking, cycling is a great way to see the people and landscape a country has to offer. Itineraries can be chosen to suit the objectives of the trip and the level of challenge required.

Options range from leisurely cycles providing a different slant on the classic cultural tour, to extreme off-road adventures in some of the greatest mountain ranges in the world: none more inspiring than the classic route of Lhasa to Kathmandu, crossing the Tibetan plateau. This 20 day trip in a land of rugged beauty, vast landscapes, brilliant skies and glittering peaks, offers one of the world's most spectacular off-road rides. The final descent into Nepal and the lush Kathmandu Valley is crowned by a spectacular 3 day, 160km, 4600m descent from the plateau - ideal for a school mountain biking club looking for perhaps the ultimate challenge!

However, travel on two wheels is not all about extreme off-road mountain biking such as the traverse of the Tibetan plateau. Countries such as Vietnam or China, for instance, are perfect for an active cultural tour by bicycle. The majority of cycling is on well paved roads and there is constant interest en-route with bustling markets and stunning scenery. Closer to home, Turkey offers an excellent location for a more varied trip. After a week or so in the saddle in the stunning region of Cappadocia, head for the coast for some serious Roman history, followed by a few days of relaxation aboard a traditional Turkish Gulet.

To discuss any of these destinations in more detail, or other destinations where cycling is a great alternative to trekking, please get in touch and we will be pleased to run you through all the possibilities.