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Pack Like a Pro: Preparing for a Perfect Expedition

Are you all set for your upcoming trip but scratching your head over what to pack? Don’t worry; we have got you covered! Although our kit lists are very useful and should be read carefully, they are not always perfect. To help you learn how to pack like a pro, we have compiled some expert advice to help you refine your packing skills.


First on the list: research, research, research! Although our kit lists are carefully tailored and tweaked based on your destination and are discussed with our trusted in-country teams, it is always wise to conduct your own research. Whether your trip will be taking you to sunny beaches or misty mountains, having a good understanding of the climate and culture of your destination can really help to inform your packing decisions. As they say, fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Consider Comfort

Every traveller has their own thermostat and unique comfort level. When it comes to packing for a trip requiring a sleeping bag, it is essential to consider your own temperature preference. For example, a summer sleeping bag may not adequately suit someone who typically runs cold, so a warmer winter sleeping bag may be a better choice.

In warmer destinations, it is still wise to pack some warmer clothing options, particularly for cooler evenings. Despite daytime heat, many places experience a significant drop in temperature during the evenings, especially in mountainous or desert areas.

To maximise versatility, light layers are usually preferable over bulkier clothing. Layering enables you to suitably adjust to fluctuating temperatures throughout the day. Moreover, paying attention to the materials of your garments, especially when you are visiting colder environments, is key. Fabrics like merino wool may be a little pricier, but they are incredibly effective at regulating body temperature. Selecting clothing made from sweat-wicking, quick drying materials is also a great option.

Pack outfits that allow freedom of movement and consider leaving your more formal attire behind. Opt for comfortable footwear, especially if your trip involves a lot of walking or outdoor activities. Your comfort should be one of your top priorities!

Pack Efficiently

Packing effectively and efficiently is a fine art. It can be tempting to pack your whole wardrobe, but lighter luggage makes for more environmentally conscious and smoother travel. We recommend that you stick to the essentials and avoid unnecessary extras. Pack lots of light layers and items that can easily transition from day to night. An exciting trip overseas could be a great time to try a capsule wardrobe!

Our Sales and Business Development expert, Harry, is a packing guru. He recently returned from a two-week cycling trip to Spain, where he only took a small rucksack! With only enough clothing to last a couple of days at a time, Harry got into the habit of washing his clothing every evening. He packed versatile, fast drying clothing and carefully planned what he needed in advance. Holly, a member of the operations team and a notorious over packer, can certainly learn a thing or two from this…

In other words, don’t be a Holly, be a Harry!

Modesty Matters

Many of our destinations have cultural norms which are more conservative than we are used to in the UK. It is absolutely essential to dress respectfully in local settings, which means leaving behind short shorts, mini-skirts, vest tops, and crop tops. Try and opt for trip-appropriate options which cover your knees, shoulders, and stomach. Thankfully jorts are having a moment!

For women, we highly recommend bringing along a thin scarf or sarong. This versatile item can be used to cover your hair or shoulders if needed. Embracing modest dressing isn’t just about respecting local culture—it also ensures comfort and a smoother trip.

Gifts and Donations

Many of you may wish to bring some gifts or donations from home to give to the local people you meet whilst on your trip. We strongly recommend that you speak with your teachers first, who will be given some trip specific ideas.

Here are some top tips from our team:

Pam: Save space in your rucksack by rolling up your clothing and stuffing your shoes with your socks. Decant your toiletries into smaller containers!

Harry: Think long, hard and realistically about what you will use whilst you are away. Read the itinerary and work out what you will really need. Microfibre towels are a great way to save space.

Chris: Packing cubes are really useful.

Holly: Stick to a list and don’t get carried away! You definitely do not need three outfit changes per day.

Megan: Always take a puffer jacket!

Adrian: Pack loo roll and a headtorch!