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Destination Discoveries: South Africa

South Africa, with its diverse array of landscapes, wildlife, and cultures, offers an unparalleled educational adventure —especially for biology enthusiasts!

Why Should you Choose South Africa for your Next Educational Expedition?

Fast Facts to Start Your Journey

Climate & Weather:

With over 250 sunny days a year, South Africa's climate is as inviting as its landscapes!

Best Time to Visit:

March to May, and September to November offer the most pleasant weather for expeditions, so Easter and October half term are great, but the weather is pretty good all year round and we've had loads of school groups travel in the summer too, with great success.

Capital City:

The country has a very unique three-capital system; one for each branch of government! Pretoria holds the administrative capital title, the legislative capital is Cape Town, and the judicial capital is Bloemfontein.


With a population of approximately 60 million and checkered history of colonialism and conflict, South Africa is a melting pot of cultures and traditions.


South Africa recognises 11 official languages.

Fun Fact:

South Africa is renowned for its natural beauty, culture and history, and the country boasts nine UNESCO World Heritage sites!

Why South Africa Should Be Your School's Next Expedition Destination

Greetings, educators and school leaders! Are you scratching your head, trying to come up with the ideal destination for your next school biology trip or exciting expedition? With the world at your fingertips, deciding on the perfect location can feel like searching for a lion in the long grass!

In our opinion, South Africa, with its diverse array of landscapes, wildlife, and cultures, offers an unparalleled educational adventure —especially for biology enthusiasts! Our trips to the region are top-notch (if we do say so ourselves). The leader of our in-country team is affectionately known locally as "the snake guy" for his expertise in South African wildlife. Our expeditions are crafted to provide an immersive learning experience unlike any other. So, if you're keen on participating in an elephant conservation, observing a professional shark or antelope dissection, handling snakes (eek...), exploring Zulu villages, or witnessing a professional rhino dehorning team at work in the bush, keep reading to see what adventures await!

A Wildlife Wonderland

At STC Expeditions, our philosophy towards crafting unforgettable trips centres on a very special ingredient: local expertise! Unlike other travel companies that rely on leaders from the UK, we champion the knowledge and insight of local leaders. These experts bring a deep understanding of the local customs, wildlife, languages and more, ensuring that every expedition is as authentic as it is educational. We believe this approach not only enriches the travel experience but also imbues our trips with a level of authenticity and insight that's simply unmatched. Shameless plug over…

STC Expeditions students at the elephant conservation centre

Heading up our local team in South Africa is Anton, whose reputation as a wildlife guru is well-deserved and well-earned. With over 25 years of experience in the field of tourism and conservation, Anton's credentials are as impressive as the South African landscapes he knows so well. His recent work with Steve Backshall on the 'Killer Crocs' program (currently viewable on Channel 5) is just one highlight in a career filled with countless contributions to wildlife documentaries, anti-poaching initiatives and research projects.

Anton's passion and expertise make him the ideal guide for introducing students to the bio-diverse ecosystems of South Africa. Under his leadership, students won't just observe the wildlife; they'll dive deep into the heart of what makes each species — and the environment they inhabit — so incredibly special. From leopards lounging in the trees to lions roaming the plains, the educational opportunities are boundless. Anton and our other leaders ensure that every encounter is not only safe and exhilarating but also deeply informative, turning biology lessons into vivid, real-world experiences.

Anton in action!

A Sporting Paradise: Beyond the Wildlife

South Africa is not just an amazing destination for wildlife; it's also a haven for sports enthusiasts. Rugby, in particular, holds a special place in the heart of this nation, with a powerful and influential historical legacy. The Springboks, South Africa's national rugby team, are a source of national pride.

Why not combine the thrill of wildlife exploration with the passion for sports on your next school expedition? Imagine taking your school team to South Africa to tour iconic stadiums like Kings Park, which hosted a number of matches during the legendary 1995 Rugby World Cup, and the more modern Moses Mabhida Stadium. But it's not just about witnessing the grandeur of these stadiums; it's about stepping onto the field. With access to excellent training facilities, your students can sharpen their skills, play games against local students, and immerse themselves in the incredible sporting culture of South Africa.

And the adventure doesn't stop at the rugby posts. Whilst your students are recovering from their matches and training sessions, what could be better than embarking on amazing game drives? South Africa's wildlife reserves offer the perfect backdrop for rest and relaxation, allowing students to marvel at the majesty of the animal kingdom up close. It's an unparalleled opportunity to blend physical education with environmental awareness, creating a holistic educational experience that spans sportsmanship, teamwork, and conservation.

Safety First

Rest assured; safety is our top priority. Despite the interactions with some scary animals, our team of professionals is adept at managing risk, ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and educational experience for all. And with South Africa's generous sunshine, the biggest reminder will be to keep hydrated and wear suncream!

To find out more about our safety management processes and credentials, click here!

Next Steps to Planning your Adventure!

So, if you're ready to provide your students with an educational adventure they'll never forget, South Africa awaits, offering a unique blend of learning, adventure, and personal growth.

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