It's a wonderful thing... Why use our service? Well, in short: we think you, or perhaps more importantly your pupils (if you're a teacher), will get a better deal. † Why? Because in using an independent consultancy service such as ours, you gain access to a wealth of specialist knowledge and expertise that will help you make informed decisions throughout the preparation for your proposed trip, all at no extra cost. † We are here to help. We are not here to push one product, one company or one style of trip. We are here to listen, give you choice, flexibility, access to the best operators in the business and some honest, independent advice. † † Specialist Operators We work closely with over 45 of the best educational, adventure, cultural and specialist tour operators in the UK. † Each has been chosen for their expertise in a particular region or activity. † They are true specialists in their field, and offer competence and reliability. We are confident that our tour operators cannot be beaten in terms of experience, service or value for money. See some of th operators we deal with by clicking here.Choice & Flexibility No two schools' needs are the same when it comes to arranging a trip abroad, so why should you have to conform to one style of trip or a particular tour operator's approach? The answer is you don't. We believe choice is a good thing: choice of destination, choice of operator, choice of trip style. The best thing is that we can help make the choice as easy as possible with a few strategic questions and a discussion on what you want your pupils to gain from the trip. Expert Advice We are experts in travel, but we are not a tour operator and do not claim (or want!) to be one. † † †The staff at the STC have travelled and trekked extensively in over 50 countries worldwide, both independently and on expedition. We know what it is like to cross the Sahara, walk the Inca Trail or trek in the Himalaya. It is this invaluable travel experience combined with many years working in the industry that means we are able to help you find your ideal destination, itinerary and, perhaps most crucially, the best tour operator or expedition provider for your needs. Free & Independent We do not charge for our services and the cost of the travel services we help arrange is exactly the same as if you went to one of our tour operators directly.Our fees are paid by the companies we deal with, yet we remain an independent company, not tied to any particular tour operator. † †Our reputation rests on giving the best possible advice for your current requirements, and recognising that these may be different from year to year. Repeat business and recommendations are an important part of our business profile, so we will not compromise on our independence and the quality of service we provide.