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How school expeditions can help in teaching new skills

Travelling overseas on a school expedition is a mind-blowing experience, which is why it’s a perfect time for teaching new skills, in new places.

Whether they’re trekking up a mountain in Peru or scuba diving off the coast of Borneo, then the chances are your students won’t feel like they’re being taught at all. But wherever your school expeditions take you, they can be the starting point in teaching new skills.

Without being taught in the conventional sense, students will learn and refine new skills along their expedition experience. The importance of teamwork, responsibility, delegation and leadership are all worthy traits that will continue to be of benefit throughout their lives. But other significant life and development skills such as effective communication, problem solving, social interaction and wellbeing will give them a newfound maturity at an important time in their progress.

But school expeditions should also be an opportunity for students to open themselves up to being taught new skills covering many different areas, wherever your adventure is headed. Who knows, the results could be put to good use in a future career.

Break the language barrier

Whatever destination our school expeditions take you, one of the first barriers to overcome is the language. During your trip, you’ll be teaming up with experienced English-speaking tour guides, but they can also teach the new skill of learning to speak like the locals.

Some basic prep work with your students could be helpful here to get them in the spirit of things before you set off, but don’t make it compulsory. Some might be feeling the pressure of an overseas expedition already, especially if it’s their first time away, so a relaxed attitude for learning in their own time might be best.

Students who’ve never shown an aptitude for languages, or maybe even those that have, could tap into an, as yet, undiscovered interest. When they pick up some of the language, even if it’s just a few words or phrases - or maybe just ‘hello’ - your students can start to really connect with where they are and immerse themselves into the culture and lifestyle while being taught a valuable new skill.

The ability to speak different languages is a big advantage in today's world and could have a dramatic and affirmative effect on students and their careers.


Skills for life

School expeditions can also work wonders in teaching new skills for student’s personal development too. And though it might seem counterintuitive, being in an environment which is way outside of their comfort zones can often have a positive effect, despite their distant location.

Within any expedition group, there will always be more naturally introverted students. Those who will take part in activities, but are not usually forthcoming in putting themselves forward for a challenge. By placing them in a leadership role within the group or a sub-group, even temporarily, they’ll have the opportunity to find their voice and discover potential new skills that can motivate, guide and even build morale for others.

Even teamwork and understanding how to really pull together to achieve a goal successfully can be a pivotal moment. Through the process of team building and bonding, every student will start to recognise not only their own strengths in different areas, but will also be able to look for and understand any weaknesses in others and offer support. All excellent and decent skills that are invaluable for life’s journey.


A decade of experience

Personal development skills gained on school expeditions will teach students new skills in how to cope in certain situations, communicate better and work well with others. And, as we live in such a digital age, it will also be teaching them new skills in writing for blogs and websites to tell their stories, or digital photography and filming which can all be edited and uploaded on their return.

Every school expedition that The STC delivers includes educational features from the local area that will enhance and inspire each student's trip. Whether they’re with elements of Geography, Biology or similar subjects that are relevant to their course, or just learning more about the wildlife, habitat, culture and customs of their new surroundings.

The STC have got over a decade of experience in fulfilling educational school expeditions and offering opportunities in teaching new skills. So why not give us a ring on 01392 660056 to talk about how your overseas adventure can benefit?