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How do you know if we are any good?

Read the feedback from some of this years expeditions & educational journeys. If after reading this you are not still not convinced we can put you in touch with the tribe of teachers who are....

Of course, we will tell you we are good, but you could easily argue we may have an axe to grind, not be totally objective or be biased! That is why we like to share what the teachers who use us say.   

“An excellent action- packed trip.  Jeeps, rafting and glacier walk were superb and all well worth repeating.  Thank you for helping us with another truly memorable adventure in the arctic!”  Teacher, Abingdon - Iceland                                

 “It was certainly a fulfilling trip and an unforgettable experience.  The itinerary changed a bit but we were still fully on board with the changes.  It was also nice to see the students trying food they had probably never tried before and we had no “fussy” students.  We were certainly very well fed during the trip.” Teacher, Warminster - Vietnam             

 “If you do have any other schools interested in Vietnam, please feel free to give them my details.  I will gladly be an ambassador for STC Vietnam cycling!” Teacher, Warminster - Vietnam             

 “On the whole an amazing trip. STC leader Dan – AMAZING.  Food fantastic.  Hotel & homestays brilliant.  Back up team amazing.”  Teacher, Warminster - Vietnam             

 “Amazing trip with so many activities.  Lots of funny moments; having an eel thrust in my face at Elmina fish market, competing at the Batik workshop and making it across the canopy walk with Emma are just a few.  I absolutely loved visiting the plantations and the Kente village, it allowed us to see a community and talk to the locals.  The trip opened our pupils’ eyes to the inequality that exists and the importance of responsible tourism. Thank you for a great trip!”  Teacher, Wootton Bassett - Ghana                 

 “We had a fantastic trip.  This was very largely due to the STC Chinese leader, Charlie Yang, he was absolutely flawless, unflappable and delightful.  Everyone in our group will have positive, life-long memories of Summer 2017 in China, so thanks to you all at STC for your part in making our trip so outstanding.” Teacher, Exeter - China                   

 “The itinerary was really one of a kind.  What an opportunity and the best trip I have ever had.  You can see and we can really appreciate how well planned, efficient and thoughtful the itinerary was.  It exceeded my expectations and I don’t think there is such an itinerary ever like it.  Thank you!” Teacher, West London - China                   

 “A very happy adventure – an excellently planned trip with great local guide and excellent activities and accommodation.” Teacher,  London - Iceland                

“I do want to pass my thanks onto Hasan, who couldn’t have been a better guide.  He was helpful, considerate and patient – a first class guide who ensured that everything ran smoothly.  No mean feat with 34 teenage girls!” Teacher, London - Israel    

"A fantastic trip filled with memorable moments.  Thank you! “ Teacher, London - Israel  

 “The programme worked perfectly – great wilderness experience.  The guides were excellent and the boys had a trip of a lifetime, splendid!  The program was PERFECTLY suited to the school group.  It would be worth repeating the same again – nothing needs changing.  The guides worked hard with enthusiasm so the boys had a truly memorable trip.  Thank you!” Teacher, Abingdon - Finland  

“Great location and activities – excellent trip.  Quite “out there” given it was not an expedition, but the right balance of risk versus reward.” Teacher, Cardiff  - India