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What’s your Journey?

We all have a journey in life. What's yours?

Now, those of you who follow our social media profiles have probably stumbled across our snazzy new film. It begs the question: What’s your journey?

Just a little question but it got us thinking. You see, we all make journeys every single day, be it a dash to the corner shop in the first clothes you could find on the floor that morning or just a potter up to the peak of Kilimanjaro. Journeys. We all make them. And they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And this was where the debate started, suddenly we were asking, “what exactly makes it a journey?”

Some would argue that to be a true journey one has to travel far and wide, low and high, through deserts and cities – one has to see the world for it to be a journey. Others disagree, saying surely what makes it a journey is how far you progress as a person. You need not fill every page in your passport to move yourself ever so far inside.

Writing this, it is the latter which I believe is more important.

Who would disagree that on the first time each and every one of us were allowed to walk to the corner shop alone it wasn’t the most incredible journey of our lives – so far.

And that is the other important point. We must take new steps in each of our journeys. This travelling malarkey is no competition, as much as some might pretend. Instead, it is the stories and experiences that shape our own lives.

So go on, what’s your journey?


What's your journey?