Education through Adventure

Educational Study Tours: Bringing the world to life through adventure travelMorocco Erg Chebi The educational benefits of subject related tours can be great. However, travel in a way that gives a deeper, more intimate understanding of a country, and the educational experience is far richer. † For some, "adventure travel" might not sound like a suitable approach to tackle an educational tour. However, you don't have to be an adrenalin junkie to enjoy the benefits - think of it more as a good way to travel. Adventure travel is simply about providing a way to really experience all that a destination has to offer. So how and why is it better than a more standard "tour"? Well, in our own humble opinion, we reckon it enables you to do more than just "see" your destination: It is about hearing, smelling, experiencing and tasting the destination you are in, using experienced local guides who are passionate about their country and making use of transport appropriate to the region being visited, be it a bus, river boat, camel, elephant, tuk-tuk, bike or your own two feet. It's about staying in carefully selected locally run accommodation rather than soulless chain hotels, as this helps you meet the local community and makes sure your money goes straight into the local economy. Sampling the food, markets and festivals around the country is important too as is, of course, seeing the sites, but this is usually done in a way to avoid the crowds and the usual † tourist treadmill. If you like the sound of all that but are concerned by the safety implications or challenge of it all, then rest assured. The specialist adventure tour operators we deal with are recognised as being amongst the best in the world. The majority have been operating around the globe for over 20 years. Each has exceptional safety systems, expert guides, and a wholehearted commitment to travel in a responsible, sensitive and humble manner that will enable you to see the true colours of your destination at first hand. Itineraries can be designed to your requirements, making them more or less adventurous as your needs dictate. † In terms of price, † adventure travel on first inspection can seem slightly more expensive than more "standard" tours, but it is always important to compare like with like. † Also, price should never be confused with value for money. While the price difference is small, the difference in experience is huge and we remain unwavering in our belief that you and your students will have a superior travel experience. Contact us to find your adventure.