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A recent school trip to Cuba, proves it is coming back to the future. Just make sure you get your students there before it is too late.... Here are a few snippets, thoughts and testimonials from some recent visitors to this remarkable island.


From a teacher’s perspective…

As a College, the Cuba tour that we did was brilliant and far beyond our expectations.  The variety of activities, the organisation and the experiences our pupils had were all amazing.  The kids are still talking about their trip one week on and many are hoping to return to Cuba. Aside from the quality of the activities, we were incredibly fortunate to have Alex and Eddie as our tour leaders. They were brilliant. They knew so much and they made everything such fun.  Our kids were quiet, but Alex and Eddie brought out the best in them and the kids thoroughly enjoyed their company. A really amazing adventure, so thank you very much for the wonderful and memorable experience. 

(Cheltenham College – Cuba – October 2016)

And from the perspective of one of our directors, Chris…

My mum and dad had been telling me for ages to visit Cuba.  They are pretty well travelled and they visited Cuba many moons ago - long before the ‘entente cordial’ and certainly long before it started to become a little more popular.  Work takes me all over the world, travelling to some truly great places. I am always excited about visiting a new place and Cuba was no exception, but my first visit to Cuba (I say first, as I know it won’t be my last) was on the back of a long trip in Central America. I was excited, but tired.  There had not been much time to develop my expectations or preconceptions, so I had no idea what to expect when I arrived.  I was not to be disappointed! Should have listened to my folks!

Flying in, it is very easy to see what a stunning country it is. You immediately get a good idea of the history as you pass over long abandoned Soviet airbases. Cuban immigration and customs do a thorough job, which is perhaps not unexpected. Cuba is, after all, still defined as a Marxist one party state. Proving what was to be a consistent trait of the people I met, and therefore proving it is the people that make the country, I was greeted at the airport by a cheerful and exceptionally smiley driver.  He had waited over two hours! 

As I wound my way through the old colonial and soviet era buildings toward Vedado in Havana, I was struck by a few things missing from my normal ‘airport to capital city’ drive.  No Golden Arches or advertising for Coca Cola here.  Instead, billboards proclaiming “Men die, but the Party is immortal” and “the mountains are the stronghold of the revolution” give a better indication as to the type of advertising you are likely to see.  

Cuba is a fascinating place and totally, totally different!  Whether you are taking part in a Salsa (next stop Strictly Come Dancing), cruising Havana in a 1950’s Buick, flying through the trees on the zip line in Viñales or snorkelling in the Bay of Pigs, there is always something different and exciting round the next corner!  For me it was the people I fell in love with. I was in Cuba to undertake operational checks and update training with our guides.  I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun training our guides abroad. They are cheerful, optimistic, helpful and really, really friendly - in a nice way!  They know how to dance, smile and enjoy a drink too!

Looking to the future, there is a buzz about the Americans coming and how this may change the feel of the country - and the prices.  The recent US election putting Donald Trump in the White House may mean the change may not be as quick as first anticipated, but it is not a reason to hesitate.  Cuba is definitely a place to take your students sooner rather than later!