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What students and teachers say about the trips we run....careful, some of it can be dangerously inspiring!!!!

For once, a blog post not with our opinions, but those of our clients.  Phew, what a relief! Student comments are in bold and teachers' are err.. not.

I would recommend an STC adventure to other students because I had the most amazing experience of my life. Looking back, you don't care about the fact that you didn't shower properly for 3 weeks or that the bathroom was a hole in the ground. You don't remember if the food wasn't your favourite or that all of your hand washed clothes smelt of smoke from the fire. You could care less about all the mosquito bites and huge spiders that you saw because everything else was such an experience. You'll remember the look on the kids faces as they see bubbles being blown and their grins as you give them a new football to replace their worn out one. You'll remember coming around a bend on safari and seeing wild elephants right in front of you and having giraffes walk right in front of your jeep. You'll remember the tiny sleeping puppies and the dogs that just want some small affection. You'll remember all the incredible things you did and saw, like lions eating a water buffalo or the sun rising over Mt Kilimanjaro. And the friends you have made and the memories that you have shared will last a lifetime.

Student, Alcester Grammar, Tanzania


As a College the Cuba tour that we did was brilliant and far beyond our expectations.  The variety of activities, the organisation and the experiences our pupils had were all amazing.  The kids are still talking about their trip one week on and many are hoping to return to Cuba. Aside from the quality of the activities, we were incredibly fortunate to have Alex and Eddie as our tour leaders. They were brilliant.  They knew so much and they made everything such fun.  Our kids were quiet, but Alex and Eddie brought out the best in them and the kids thoroughly enjoyed their company. A really amazing adventure, so thank you very much for the wonderful and memorable experience.

Teacher, Cheltenham College, Cuba

No-one wanted to leave this amazing country that had opened our eyes to an entirely parallel life to ours. It seems as if whatever we go on to do from here, it will never quite compare to our time in Venezuela. Whether it was walking as a group, playing cards as a group, or singing as a group; endless laughter, true friendships and unforgettable memories were made over the course of the twenty-four days that we spent together, that should last a lifetime. To see the vast differences within one country, from overcrowded cities to isolated camps, proved to me that Venezuela is a place like no other, and is certainly teeming with extraordinary experiences. We, as a group, owe Mr. H a massive thank you for organising this trip, alongside a thank you for accompanying us, Ms. Farrimond and Miss. D Again, we cannot thank Carlos, Manuel, Aquiles and everyone who helped us at [The School Travel Consultancy] enough for the rewarding opportunity that they provided us with. I would recommend anyone to sign up for a trip like this; it has certainly broadened our horizons and inspired our futures, whilst also opening our eyes to what life can be like beyond the boundaries of Ormskirk.

Student, Ormskirk, Venezuela         

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This trip was simply wonderful and met ALL expectations.  I literally cannot fault it. An amazing country. I’d be willing to talk to any groups thinking of going – felt very safe.  We will be rebooking for a trip in 2 years.

Teacher, Southend High School for Boys, Israel


Also enforced my enthusiasm for studying medicine at University as I really admired the passion our guides had for their country and how knowledgeable they were, which has encouraged me to be that passionate and knowledgeable about a subject.

Student, SGGS, South Africa        


The trips was absolutely fantastic! It gave the students who are more reserved in school a chance to shine.  It was great opportunity and one that I would love to have again. Thanks for the KitKat!

Teacher, Fulneck School, India  


The trip has changed how I view the conflict between Israel and Palestine. It furthered my love for travel and exploring different cultures.  Best trip of my life. The tour guide, driver and the group of people on the trip made it like that for me. I’d definitely recommend an STC trip.  I've never been so sad to come home, it’s changed my view on a lot of things in life.

Student, Southend High School. Israel/Palestine


This was a great trip with a good balance of adventure and educational focus.  The white water rafting was amazing and a pity there wasn't more time on the river.  We loved the Pacuare camp in the jungle. 

Teacher , Maynard School, Costa Rica

The trip was incredible and I had the most amazing time. I would definitely like to visit Costa Rica again. I feel even more strongly about the protection of sea turtles due to the volunteer conservation work I did having seen the effect and spoken to the people protecting them first-hand.  It was well organised and had the right combination of activity and down time. Our leader (Juan Carlos) was brilliant and taught us lots about the country as well as having a laugh with us. We all felt very well looked after and safe.

Student, Maynard School, Costa Rica

A First class trip from start to end - and I have been on a lot of school trips!! I can't fault it. (Would have been nice to see the Golden Eagle though!)

Teacher, Abingdon School, Finland