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A global movement to eliminate orphanage volunteering forever

At STC Expeditions, we have long been unapologetically vocal about our thoughts towards volunteering in orphanages. Since the company was established in 2006, we can hold our hand on our heart and say that we have never organised for any of our school groups to volunteer in orphanages. When discussing potential school trips and expeditions with clients, we urge them to consider ethical volunteering projects that are of long-term benefit to a community. 

Last week a global campaign was started by major players in the child protection industry, including the likes of Save the Children and Lumos – the NGO created by JK Rowling. The Love you Giveis a campaign with the aim of eliminating volunteering in orphanages altogether and we are delighted to be a partner organisation. 

Set up by the Better Care Network, of which STC Expeditions is also a member, the campaign aims to spread the word through social media that not only does orphanage volunteering not benefit the children it’s seeking to help, but it could actually be detrimental to their growth, development, wellbeing and mental health.

The campaign’s website contains a checklist on how to choose ethical volunteering projects that put children’s wellbeing at the forefront. It also contains further information, as well as useful downloads. 

The future has never looked brighter for putting an end to volunteering in orphanages altogether. From our own perspective, it is great to be part of the movement and we encourage the schools and young people we work with to log onto the site and pledge to steer clear of any volunteering projects associated with orphanages and working with vulnerable children.

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