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10 Reasons Not to Run a School Trip Overseas

Running an inspirational school trip overseas is soooooo not worth the hassle...

It's hard enough getting them into class, let alone dragging them to the corners of the Earth. We agree, why even bother?

1.       Your subject will become too popular.

Taking a bunch of year 9’s on a biology trip to Sri Lanka is the last thing you want to do. They will be awestruck by the conservation and wildlife work they see on this beautiful island and inspired to keep studying the subject – meaning you’ll only have to put up with them in the sixth form too… 

2.       It will ruin your holidays.

Those six, short weeks of summer are one of the few perks of teaching. Why would you want to spend your holidays exploring new cultures, trekking through jungles or befriending local tribes people when you could be binge-watching Game of Thrones in your pyjamas?

3.       You’ll have to spend time with your students.

Those troublesome, moody adolescents will be your company for quite a while. Who knows, you might start finding their jokes funny.  What’s more, classes next term might feel more relaxed now that you all have a better connection. Urghhh!

4.       You might have no idea what you’re doing.

How can you run a white water rafting and jungle adventure to Costa Rica when you can’t even get on a lilo without flipping it over? If only you could work with a STC Leader from your destination who was immensely qualified and experienced, spoke the lingo and knew where to find the best empanadas after a long day… 

5.       You’ll probably get sun burnt.

The weather is beautiful in Thailand, and if you’re not careful you’ll turn a nice shade of rouge while befriending elephants at the conservation centre. Then again, if you’ve read our pre-departure information properly, you’ll probably be fine… 

6.       Students will remember you for life.

In twenty years’ time, you’ll still find yourself bumping into students who took part in the Kenya trip back in the day… And you’ll have to listen to them reminisce about campfires with the Maasai, lion tracking on the Rift Valley and sleeping under the stars while your ice-cream melts in the trolley. 

7.       Learning will go off syllabus.

Trekking across lava fields, exploring volcanic craters and swimming in geo-thermally heated sea water in The Azores might tie in with the geography syllabus, but there is nothing about cooking your dinner in the ground in the text book, or discovering the thrill of swimming with wild dolphins in the vast Atlantic Ocean.

8.       You will have to rewrite your lesson plans.

A school trip overseas will leave you with thousands of photos, anecdotes and real life examples of your subject. So much so that you’ll be inspired to rewrite your lesson plans all over again just as an excuse to relive your travel adventures once more.

9.       The view from your classroom will never be the same again.

After teaching your students about Tibetan monks while visiting a hilltop monastery or the geological formations of Halong Bay from a traditional junk boat, lecturing from the front of the class while looking out over the playground will never be the same again.

10.  You’ll have to do one every year.

After an incredible educational and inspirational trip, you won’t be able to help yourself from planning the next one almost as soon as you return…