We understand that you will naturally want to learn more about the company behind your son or daughter's travel aspirations.

We are an independent travel company. We were established in 2006, but our pedigree was developed long before that. We specialise in educational journeys (we don't think 'school trips' does our itineraries justice!) and school expeditions that expand young minds and stretch global horizons.

A few months ago, a teacher at your school will have approached us to get advice on arranging a tour or expedition. Some teachers come to us with an exact plan of what they want to do, others come only with a vague idea for a trip. Through our experience and knowledge of arranging adventures and expeditions we work with teachers to design an educational travel experience that fits with the goals of the venture.

We then support the teacher and school throughout the build up to the trip, ensuring all the necessary preparation, risk assessments, tour operator checks and documentation is complete. Our partners overseas are exceptionally experienced and bursting with energy and enthusiasm to offer a glimpse into their home.

Please explore our website and if you any questions, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.