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Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions

Completing a DofE Award gives young people an immense sense of pride and helps them develop a whole host of skills in preparation for adult life.

The Expedition section allows participants to take part in a real adventure, be that trekking on the hills close to home or a rafting adventure in the Himalayas.

However, we understand that it can be difficult for DofE Leaders to organise and run expeditions for countless reasons; lack of training in the field and a lack of time being two of the main factors.

Here at the STC we can simplify the whole process by running your groups’ DofE Expedition and training for you in all or any of these parts:

  • Equipment: Should your team need equipment please speak to us to see what we can provide.
  • Pre-Expedition Training: Comprehensive training to cover all aspects of their expedition from what to pack to map reading and navigation.
  • Practice Expedition: As required by the DofE, we will run a practice expedition which allows the group a taster of what the real thing will be like! It is also a chance for them to practise their expedition skills before the qualifying expedition.
  • Qualifying Expedition: The Qualifying Expedition must undertake a different route to the practice expedition and it must have an aim such as: creating a video diary to record the team’s experiences or learning about the different constellations the group sees at night.
  • Assessment: The Qualifying Expedition must be assessed along with a presentation about the expedition and the groups’ outcome of their aim. We can provide a DofE accredited Assessor.

Generally, we work on Dartmoor or the Brecon Beacons for DofE. However, should your group want to undertake their adventure somewhere more exotic please speak to us. 

river adventure