MegThe Team


Operations Manager

Meg is STC’s Operations Manager, and has been in the travel industry for more than 15 years. She started out as a tour leader for an adventure travel company. It was an eventful and exciting time and has given her a rich source of ridiculous (a train and donkey incident) and embarrassing tales to tell – like the time she fell down the side of a Brazilian cable car in front of her group! 

Since then, Meg has been an Ops Manager at multiple travel companies, with a brief stint in emergency response for the British Red Cross. Meg’s job involves a lot of problem solving, which she likes to think would have made her extremely successful in the Crystal Maze (old school reference)!  

The thing that really fires her up though, is sustainability, and specifically how the school expedition industry can improve and transform, in light of the pressing issues that we are all facing. She has lectured at Surrey University and run workshops in responsible tourism for overseas agents and guides. She loves any excuse to chat about the big issues, which is good, because that’s a favourite pastime in our office!  

Meg is an enthusiastic novice at almost everything she tries – skiing, surfing, sea swimming – she will give anything a go. She has spent the last year exploring nature connection and how we can share the wonder of the natural world and inspire others to help protect it.