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Introducing Holly, the newest addition to the team! With a recently acquired degree in History under her belt, she is ready to make her mark. Whilst she may not have as many passport stamps as her colleagues, she is on a mission to catch up!

During her time at university, Holly’s academic journey took her on a global tour through time. She delved into the intricacies of 20th-century China, engaged in passionate debates over whether Gandhi was a populist figure and explored the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. However, it was the rich and exciting history of the Middle East that truly ignited her intellectual curiosity.

Holly is no stranger to globe-trotting adventures. She has explored various European destinations, and embarked on her school’s expedition to Malawi, guided by our very own James Moore! In 2018, Holly went backpacking in South-East Asia, where she impressively managed to snooze through not only one, but two earthquakes and a volcanic eruption – a testament to her resilience and ability to find serenity in the most unexpected circumstances. After successfully completing her studies at university, she wasted no time in jetting off to the exciting lands of Tanzania and Morocco for more unforgettable adventures.

Beyond her love for history and travelling, Holly is a devoted skier. She may not be a pro, but she loves to surf, proving that it’s not always about being the best – it’s the taking part that counts. She also loves hillwalking and immersing herself in the great outdoors, as well as deep discussions about the world around us.