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Adrian is an ‘accidental educationalist’. Quite what that actually means, is anyone’s guess.

From an eclectic background in sports science, pub management and purchasing, Adrian found his nirvana when he made a non-risk-assessed leap into the world of adventure travel in 2001. His travels started long before that though and he’s now sampled the delights of over 55 countries worldwide. If you let him, he’ll bore you with stories of digging two-wheel-drive delivery trucks out of Africa’s Heart of Darkness. The same African expedition involved an unusual story of a hyena, too much to drink and the legend of the lost ear, but we don’t have time to go into that now.

In 2006, Adrian established The Specialist Travel Consultancy and has since personally planned over 100 educational adventures and expeditions across the globe. He sits on the National Council for the Young Explorers’ Trust and is on the South West regional committee for the Royal Geographical Society where his presence has halved the average age (their words, not his – he’s far too polite to bring it to anyone’s attention).

He regularly gives talks and presentations to schools on a number of topics: promoting the life-enhancing benefits of expeditions and pushing boundaries, highlighting why conventional career paths are so last century or encouraging students to continue with Geography when he has his ‘Geography Ambassador’s’ hat on. Adrian is also a trainer for the Off-Site-Safety-Management Course.

A keen skier, surfer and mountaineer, his new hobby is falling off a slack-line.