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Which Travel Company?

What travel company for which country, expedition or holiday?

There is a common trend to use the same travel company for many different destinations. If you use the same provider year on year, yet travel to new countries, it is likely that you are not using the best operator for each country and, as a result, possibly not receiving the best value for money either.

It is naturally something no travel company, whether they provide expeditions or holidays, will ever divulge but they each have their own areas of specialism. One company may operate in 40 or more countries, however, they will always have a specific region or set of countries in which they really excel. Key to their ability to deliver a package in a country is their in-country agent.

Each travel company (apart from a very select few) will use an in-country agent (or ground operator) to make the necessary arrangements in the country being visited. Just as there are many different travel providers in the UK, there are many different ground agents for these companies to choose from.

This local company is fundamental to the smooth running of a trip and, as with anything, some are better than others. Travel company "A" may deal with an award winning ground operator in India, but it is company "B" that has the longest links and the best reputation when it comes to Thailand.

With our detailed knowledge of the industry, we at the STC you in-county agents to ensure that you gain the most from your destination.

Contact us and let us do the hard work to find the best options for your trip.