Venezuela Expedition Report and Case Study

Longstanding clients, Magdalen College School, Oxford, have done some amazing trips with us over the past four years. This summer, though, they wanted something really special that would raise the bar in educational expeditions. We scoured the industry for the perfect trip and couldn't find one. So we created one - and it fit the bill perfectly.

We're not going to lie - this trip is tough and not for the casual adventurer. It borders on true exploration. However, if you want an trip that delivers extensive jungle exploration, tough trekking, tribal cultures, amazing scenery and perfect Caribbean beaches, then this expedition to Auyantepui and the Shirian Tribal lands in Venezuela is about as good as it gets.

Many thanks to Nick Hewlett, ex Head of Geography at Magdalen College School, for the following testimonial - we think it captures all that a great school expedition should be about:

"The month long trip to Venezuela had all the ingredients to be very special indeed and we were not disappointed. The variety of rainforest trekking, tepui climbing, tribal visits and beach exploration was, in itself, one of the most successful elements of this tailor made itinerary. When this is coupled to the remoteness of the destinations (the tepui was three different plane journeys away) and the adventurous nature of the challenge, it really was a trip of a life time.

Climbing an isolated mountain in complete solitude for 10 days made you feel at one with the 'lost world', whilst joining in with festivities in the Shirian highlands, a tribe rarely visited by outsiders, was something that will, doubtless stay with the boys for the rest of their lives.

Chewing on grasshoppers, flying in cessnas, avoiding tarantulas and coral snakes, gaping at Angel Falls, sleeping in hammocks right on the edge of the explored - I have led countless trips and expeditions but I would rate this as one of the very best. It was adventure tourism at its very best and is to be recommended wholeheartedly."

Check out the full case study here.