Unlocking the Slave Trade

Slave Trade on the CurriculumGhana With the slave trade now firmly in the national curriculum, there has never been a better time to visit the fascinating cultures of West Africa. Ghana is an obvious choice with English as the official language, but both Togo and Benin offer a more intense and adventurous West African experience with less of a tourist infrastructure, higher prevalence of Voodoo cultures and, of course, the opportunity to practice one's French! We can advise you on possible itineraries, the best times of year to travel, suitable tour operators and pre-departure considerations. Expeditions: In addition to tours focusing on the slave trade, West Africa is a fantastic place for an extended expedition of up to three or four weeks. Granted, there † are not the trekking possibilities of other destinations (except in Mali), but what it lacks in mountains it makes up for in other ways. West Africa is truly a world away and provides an exceptional level of adventure and challenge with ample opportunity for immersion into tribal cultures, walking safaris, community projects, jungle canopy walkways and some of the best markets in the world. † Add to this the friendly welcome, inherent rhythms, dance and singing that West Africa is renowned for, and you have all the makings of a truly eye-opening trip. We know this region very well. We deal with three tour operators who specialise here, each of whom have at least 10 years experience of operating across West Africa - a pedigree that is distinctly lacking in a number of companies apparently offering to take schools to the region. We can arrange everything from cultural and historical tours, to adventure travel and overland expeditions, including community focused building, maintenance or teaching projects. Contact us †for sample itineraries and more details.