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Turkey: Utterly Delectable!

A feast for the senses! With one foot firmly in Asia, Turkey is knocking hard on the door of Europe. The resulting blend of cultures makes for an absorbing destination and the perfect objective for a short haul educational trip abroad. Turkey offers an incredible diversity with history, archaeology, adventure and breath-taking scenery all served up with seemingly incredible ease. The opportunities for education are many and varied.

The west of the country provides some of the best examples of Graeco-Roman architecture to be found anywhere in the ancient empire. The extraordinary ruined city of Ephesus on the Aegean coast is certainly among the best places in the world to get a feel for life as it was in Roman times. Its huge theatre with a capacity of 25,000 is renowned for its acoustics and the attention to detail elsewhere on the site is certainly something to behold. However, it is not just the Romans that are of interest in this region. A little further north of Ephesus lies the city and ruins of Bergama (Pergamum), between the reigns of Alexander the Great and the Romans, Pergamum was one of the most powerful kingdoms in the Middle East. Its acropolis, library, theatre, aquaduct, stadium and temples are nearly a match for those at Ephesus, but the area sees only a fraction of the number of visitors that Ephesus sees.

The great strategic city of Istanbul lies on the Bosphorus River dividing Europe and Asia and is home to many treasures, such as the famous Blue Mosque. To the west is the Gallipoli Peninsular and the site of so many battles to gain control of this important region. Now a national park, Gallipoli's cemeteries are a stark reminder of the tragedy of war. While western Turkey may look towards Europe and hold many of the country's historical and archaeological treasures, the central and eastern regions provide an altogether different experience. They offer the chance to experience a traditional Islamic country amongst some spectacular and bizarre landscapes. The central region of Cappadocia is famed for its moonscape valleys, "fairy chimneys", rock-hewn churches and underground Troglodyte cities. It's a magical place to explore on foot.

Turkey has much to offer those seeking adventure too, and the good transport links around the country mean that in a two week itinerary it is possible to pay more than lip service to the ancient sites of the west, whilst also allowing time to explore the wilder sides of the country. For an active phase, there are two excellent long distance foot paths, "The Lycian Way" along the spectacular southern coast and "The St. Paul Trail" through the Taurus Mountains. The Taurus and rarely visited Kackar mountains in the north also offer serious trekking for those that are looking for more of a challenge. Whatever your motive for an educational trip, be it history, culture, adventure or expeditions, Turkey will never fail to deliver or delight . Contact us so that we can help you find, plan and arrange your perfect Turkey trip.