The best school expeditions can take you in every direction

When the world’s your oyster, why not go somewhere to catch your own?

Choosing your ideal school expedition means you have to think big. Go large. Go all in. Go all out. So how do you make the impossible decision of finding a complete package that covers all your requirements? And the requirements of each of your students? 

As consummate pros in organising the best expeditions for schools, The STC are well-versed in making sure no stone is left unturned in creating a once in a lifetime adventure. Just give us the bare bones of any ideas and thoughts you already have, and we’ll turn them into a voyage of discovery. And let you take the credit!

Open your mind

But maybe you’re not even at the ideas stage yet. Maybe you’re just looking for the spark of an idea or the hint of a far-flung thought. If that’s where you are, but you’re not sure where you want to be, here are some ideas that could help open your mind to the best school expedition down a road less travelled.

Go West

Forget the wild west - we can take you on travels deep into the wilder south wests of South America. From the subtropical Caribbean island of Cuba, down to the central Latin Americas of Costa Rica or Nicaragua. Or maybe even further south down to biodiverse climes of Ecuador or Peru.

East is East

The most popular expeditions for schools have a Far East flavour. Taking in vast, unpopulated areas of Mongolia or China, or the Japan archipelagos with their mega cities and mountainous national parks. Even the wilds of Borneo, the Himalayan foothills of Nepal, or ancient cultures of Iran can’t fail to inspire.

Northern Soul

Like us, our Nordic friends know a thing or two about keeping warm (being around the arctic circle will do that). Experience winter and the Northern Lights - or 24-hour summer daylight - in Finland, or the glaciers and geysers of Iceland. How about exploring Sweden’s outdoor adventures for sun and snow?  

It’s all going South

Africa has it all going on. From the northern deserts and mountains of Morocco, to the wildlife and safaris of South Africa. It’s also home to extraordinary adventures in between as well: awesome rainforest walks in Ghana, the grasslands and valleys of Kenya or a full Kilimanjaro expedition in Tanzania.

Your trip, your choice

Every school expedition destination we offer presents breathtaking landscapes, amazing scenery, and incredible journeys of discovery. With the STC, there’s an educational trip that will benefit your students in almost every study area, from geography or biology to economics and religious studies.

With each expedition, we also try and adapt your trip to your precise requirements wherever we can. All our tours run from 5 to 30 days and anywhere in between, but your itinerary can be as intensive as you want it to be - taking in and doing as much as time will allow or getting a real sense of wherever you are at a slower pace.

Let’s talk travel
The School Travel Consultancy takes great pride in your pleasure. And we make no apologies for being one of the best school expedition companies around. So make it easy on yourself - talk to us about your school’s great adventure. Get In Touch