Teenage Adventures

14 - 16 Year Olds: Adventure Travel Introductions Many families and numerous schools have recently asked us to come up with ideas and adventure travel destinations that are suitable for the 14 - 16 year old age group. Suitable destinations obviously vary depending on the time of year that the trip is planned for, but below are a variety of itineraries that are perfect for this age group, offering excellent value for money, eye-opening experiences and great trekking, cycling or canoeing opportunities. † Europe:Slovenia: Remote mountain trekking amongst spectacular peaks and alpine valleys. There are also opportunities for canyoning, white-water rafting and hydrospeeding, making it a great multi-activity adventure destination. Turkey: Explore the traditions and bizarre landscapes of Cappadocia before heading south for some more serious trekking in the Taurus mountains. There is also the option to round off the trip with a few days coastal exploration aboard a traditional Turkish Gulet. Romania: Trek amongst wild mountains (home to bear, wolf and lynx) and the painted monasteries of eastern Romania. Spectacular canyons, Dracula's castle, the Danube delta and mediaeval villages await. † Finland: True wilderness travel. Walking, rafting and canoeing through the remote forests, hills and lakes of the far east of Finland, home to bear, wolf, elk and lynx. Experience the midnight sun and sauna - Finnish style. North Africa & the Middle East:Egypt: The Sinai offers remote desert and mountain exploration, opportunities to live and work with traditional Bedouin tribes, as well as biblical history and extensions to Cairo and the Pyramids, Petra in Jordan or Felucca sailing on the Nile. Jordan: Spectacular Wadi Rum offers excellent desert trekking and nearby Petra is sure to drop the jaw of all who enter the siq. † † Off-road cycling is also plentiful, as are history lessons with visits to Mt. Nebo and the roman ruins of Jerash. Morocco: A country full of year-round possibilities. Depending on the season, trekking could be in the little visited Rif Mountains, the High or Anti Atlas or in the desert Jebel Sahro. Bustling markets, camel treks, Berber hospitality and nights under the stars in the Sahara. Magical! Long Haul:Thailand: Often overlooked, Thailand provides handsomely for those looking for adventure, history, extraordinary cultures, warm welcomes and great cuisine - all the hallmarks of a great introduction to adventure travel. China: Trekking along the semi-ruin of a stretch of the Great Wall represents a journey back in time and an opportunity to see a snap shot of life in this fascinating and beautiful country. † Vietnam: Vietnam offers a great opportunity to visit some of south east Asia's unique hill tribes combined with some excellent trekking, beautiful Halong Bay and colonial Hanoi. Cycling is a great option for Vietnam too and will enable groups to fully appreciate the beauty of the country and its people. India(Ladakh): Despite potential altitude issues, a two week trip to Ladakh is feasible given a carefully planned itinerary and well managed acclimatisation. The region offers spectacular trekking and a traditional Buddhist culture. †Contact us and let us help you find the best adventure for your teenagers.