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School Trip Dilemma

Choosing a third party provider: The most fundamental decision:

Fundamental decisions have to be made very early on when a school is considering an expedition or adventurous trip abroad.

Many schools opt to arrange such trips through a dedicated school expedition provider that offers a complete package of pre-trip training and the expedition itself. Specialist adventure tour operators who primarily meet the needs of the holiday market are often overlooked but are equally at home arranging adventurous expeditions and in certain situations may actually be a better option for a school.

Such tour operators are amongst the most experienced in adventure travel. A sample of 13 of the specialist operators we deal with have, between them, clocked up over 310 years of taking clients to many of the most adventurous destinations on the planet.

Choosing which of these options, "expedition provider" or "tour operator" and then which company is most appropriate for your school's requirements, is the most fundamental decision you will make.

This one decision has a bearing on everything else that follows: cost, the itinerary, experience, the type of project work on offer (if required), the quality of "in-country" services and, often overlooked, the quality of the information and support given prior to departure.

Naturally, there are pros and cons associated with either option so which direction you take should be matched to your requirements as a school. The decision should be made taking into account a variety of factors: the outdoor expertise within the school, the style of trip required, what you hope the pupils will gain from such a trip, the destination being visited and a range of other factors as well.

Here at the STC we deal with a wide variety of both expedition providers and specialist tour operators and we specialise in helping schools with these kinds of decisions. So contact us at the STC and let us find the best option for your school.