Russia: Kamchatka Trek

Russia: Kamchatka Wilderness TrekAn adventurous trek deep into the true wilderness of Kamchatka in Russia's Far East. Kamchatka is part of the Pacific 'ring of fire' and the mighty forces raging beneath the Earth's surface exert themselves upon this land with bubbling hot springs and mud pools, gushing geysers and some of the world's most active volcanoes. All visitors to Kamchatka come for the wilderness and scenery, and on this expedition we take a 5 day trek deep into Kamchatka's most geologically active region, around beautiful Klyuchevskoy (4,750m), Kamchatka's highest peak and Asia's tallest active volcano. We ascend active Plosky Tolbachik (3085m) for stunning views, but the real highlight is climbing Bezymianny Volcano (2,880m), the scene of Kamchatka's most famous eruption. Dormant for 1000 years, Bezymianny exploded cataclysmically in 1956 leaving a mile wide crater that continues to smoulder and develop today. The wildlife of the tundra and culture of the people experienced on this trek provide the icing on the cake for any visitor to this incredible region. Grade: Challenging to Tough Price: from £1,699 per person excluding flights Days: 14 (land only) ATOL: 2582 Contact us for detailed itinerary, flight times, maps and more