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Project Work

Meaningful project work:

Project work, where included, is often the most memorable phase of an expedition. However, it is vitally important that the work undertaken is both meaningful and sustainable. The project needs to be carefully selected so that it does not impinge on the local labour market, but nevertheless creates the best use of people power and raw materials available.

Ultimately, the ability of a tour operator or expedition provider to provide meaningful project opportunities comes down to the level of involvement and co-operation their in-country agent has with local communities. Deep rooted relationships are the pre-cursors for good project work and the best way to achieve responsible tourism. Poorly selected project work can not only be disengaging for the participants, but also create hostility and resentment amongst the local people.

Responsible Tourism is a topic close to our hearts here at the STC. Most of the travel companies we deal with are able to offer project work and they are passionate about proposing projects that are responsible, meaningful and hopefully (!) highly enjoyable.

Volunteering in Community Projects should be a worthwhile and life-enhancing experience for both you and the community you work with. Some questions to consider and ask your provider that will help ensure the best quality and value include:

  • Does the project add value to the community or impose on the community? If it adds value, then how?
  • What sort of local consultation went into developing the project?
  • Is there a local organisation involved in the day-to-day management of it?
  • What is/are the timeframes of the project (there should be both short and long term goals)?
  • Be sure you are not taking the place of local staff.
  • How is the money you have paid to take part being spent?
  • Is the project provider a responsible travel organisation?

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